Modern day Mexico City was established in the early fourteenth century by Aztecs who called it Tenochtitlan-meaning "the place of prickly pear among rocks." Read More

For a nutritious treat, mix in 1 fl. oz. of Nochtli into ½ cup of your favorite yogurt.  Plain or fruit flavored both work great, but our favorite was blueberry. Read More

Superior_FruitSuperior_Fruit: Paragon Fruits and Nochtli wish everyone a Happy Halloween! 48 days ago from Facebook


I have had 2 major spine surgeries and have had severe spine problems for 17 years. Nochtli has helped me gain mobility and a level of pain relief I have not been able to obtain through traditional medicines.  I can't imagine life without Nochtli and I sincerely look forward to the long term affects.......Read More

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